“I’ve been a loyal client of Shannon’s for years and truly appreciate her expertise and talent. She’s is always educating herself on the latest and greatest organic/chemical free products and coloring techniques. She actually listens to what you want and if there is any issue will correct it immediately. I can’t say enough and highly recommend Shannon.”

Wendy Sellens LaC., PhD.

“Shannon is absolutely amazing. She works with people’s schedules, and has good prices. My lashes stay on and she is always willing to fit me in, even on a day off. Her salon is absolutely gorgeous and love going in there every time to get my lashes done. We have a good time and talk a lot. Sometimes it’s relaxing, but when getting your eye lashes done by her, you just want to have great conversations. I cannot wait to see Shannon succeed with her business like she already is. I love my lashes and feel so beautiful with them on. So glad she is in Grants Pass!”

Miranda Lowman

“I am writing this letter in behalf of Shannon Roberts.  I am a close friend and professional  colleague of Shannon.  I have the utmost level of confidence in Shannon’s integrity and professionalism.  She is a heart centered entrepreneur who is always striving to achieve the highest level of quality and service in her work.  Shannon is a hard worker who has a beautiful ability to connect with her friends and clients at a level that makes for an instant level of comfort and trustability.  “

Patricia Morrone, LE

ProSkincare Solutions

“Shannon Roberts is my greatest find when it comes to my hair and aesthetic needs. I have long curly hair that is generally difficult to cut. Not only did Shannon do a fabulous job on my hair, but she alleviated my fears of having my hair cut. Her product knowledge was impressive and I loved the quality she kept in stock.

Lashes and facials were always a treat and I had no doubts that Shannon would make me look amazing, all the while engaging me in great conversation.

I would send all my friends and family to any salon that Shannon works for, having complete confidence they will be as impressed as I have always been.”

Rebekah Abbe

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Miss Roberts for close to 15 years. First off she is one if the kindest, and brightest women I have met. She faces everything head on, while maintaining calm and professional at all times. Her astute attention to detail, and the ease at which she adapts to change in an always demanding field, is truly second to none. Shannon Roberts, treats all her clientele, colleagues and business partners with respect, and a steadfast professionalism.  At the same providing careful attention to all her clients.”

Jessica Christian

“Over the years I have gone to Shannon to have my eyebrows waxed and haircut on a regular basis. On special occasions I go to her and have my makeup and lashes done. She is always very professional and takes take’s pride in making me feel and look beautiful. She has also cut my kids hair and always does a great job. The environment in the salon is always clean and very welcoming. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing her services.”

Bridget Potter

“The very first time I got my lashes done,Shannon did them for my Junior Prom.   Having been to a few other places I can definitely say her technique is the best. When I left another lash place, my eyes burned a lot from the glue because the lady failed to keep my bottom lashes in place and I noticed after a week they were already falling out/sticking together. Shannon’s have lasted me the longest so far (3 weeks) out of the five times I have received them. They combed out easily and they were subtle yet very noticeable at the same time.She exceeded my expectations! Shannon did a beautiful job, I recommend her to anyone who is unsure of getting them, or anyone looking to getting lash extensions!! Thanks shan!”

Kelly Doak

“I was very apprehensive about getting lashes when Shannon suggested them to me. I was going to a Christmas party and wanted to look my very best. I was shocked by how I couldn’t feel them at all! I was shocked by how beautiful they were and how gorgeous they made me feel! I was tremendously pleased for allowing Shannon to hold my hand and guide me through something that was very intimidating to me. Not only is she warm and caring, she will do everything she can to make you feel and look your best.”

Janet Cotton

“Shannon did my lashes for the very first time and I am absolutely in love with them! It’s hard to imagine not having them on ever again. I adore Shannon and her little shop. Definitely a great find and I’d recommend her to anyone looking for lash extensions or brow sculpting.”

Danitra Brown